To give you a little background, the Regent Sports Corporation of Hauppauge NY, the company that formerly manufactured all of the Halex table games, went out of business in December 2012.   Ball, Bounce and Sport, Inc., DBA Hedstrom Entertainment and Hedstrom Plastics, bought certain assets and licensing rights of the former Regent Sports Corporation, as internet research will reveal, and intends to market some Regent Sports product lines.  Unfortunately, the Game Table business is NOT one of the Product Lines the Ball Bounce & Sport/Hedstrom chose to go forward with.  From what we can tell, the former Regent Sports Corporation, due to its financial condition, did not order replacement parts to satisfy service requests.  While we are able to shed some light on the difficulties you are experiencing, I’m afraid we will not be of much assistance to you.  This includes Center Court Basketball games, Rod Hockey Games, etc.  If you have recently purchased a Regent/Halex table game and are missing parts, we recommend you return this item to the place of purchase for refund or exchange, as there is currently no company servicing the warranty or replacement parts needs of consumers who purchase old new stock.  If you’re looking for replacement parts for an older model, it is possible that another manufacturer producing similar products may have parts available that could be universally used with your game.  Additional internet research may be the only way to discover these possibilities.

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